Navivity of Our Lady


There is a great hymn to our lady written by Edward Caswall which speaks of Our Lady in the following manner

chosen from eternal ages,
you alone of all our race,
by your Son’s atoning merits
were conceived in perfect grace.

Today we celebrate the Nativity, the birth of Our Lady – the one who alone is truly our race.  In the course of the liturgical year we only celebrate the nativity of three persons –Jesus Christ, John the Baptist, and Our Lady and we do so because there is a special significance of their birth.

In the case of Our Lady, we commemorate a woman who was completely human yet because of the necessity in her role for the salvation of the world was spared Original Sin through the redemptive merits of her son on the Cross at Calvary.

Just as sin entered the world through Eve, the first woman, how much more fitting that Redemption and Salvation enter the world through Mary, the new Eve.  Eve presents Adam with the fruit of the Garden whereas Christ is the fruit of her womb.

In Our humanity, we look to our Lady in a special way as our model of sanctity and humility.  Unlike her son, Mary is merely human – she lacks a divine nature. She is the model of what God wanted for us from the foundation of the world if we had cooperated with His Grace and not given in to Original Sin.

Through her cooperation with God’s grace, she committed no personal sin of her own yet she suffered just as we do.  She experienced the pain of watching her Son, the savior of the world, drag his cross to Calvary.  She watched him being beat and spit upon yet she never harbored ill thoughts or said anything in retaliation.

In the world we live in today, we can sometimes struggle to make sense of things.  In our own personal struggles and temptations, we can look uniquely to Our Lady as a source of strength and comfort for she experienced all that we experience yet did so without sin.

I leave you with the final stanza of Caswall’s hymn to Our Lady, which goes as follows.

Hail, beloved of the Father,
Mother of his only Son,
mystic bride of Love eternal,
hail, O fair and spotless one!

Our Lady, Mother of Salvation Ora Pro Nobis


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